Paravex Male Enhancement Honest Review

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Does Paravex Performance Male Enhancer Really Work?



Paravex performance enhancer is a product that men use to naturally boost their penises if and when they are not able to get it hard or up. According to the manufacturer, it is a product that encourages the production of testosterone as well as raises the levels of nitric oxide in a person’s blood.

Healthy erections are in most cases attributed to not only testosterone but nitric oxide as well. A man’s sex drive is highly reliant on the availability of testosterone because when it is low the man feels fatigue, depression and this causes them to lose their virility.

Erectile dysfunction is something men dread and can suffer from at certain ages. To them it is an embarrassing condition that should be dealt with quickly and discreetly. Men who are above the age of 40 are the most susceptible to erectile dysfunction. This condition may be caused by other more serious medical conditions such as heart disease, diabetes among others.


What is Paravex Male enhancement?

According to the manufacturer, the good news is that male enhancement supplements are available which include this performance enhancer supplement such as Paravex. It consists of only natural ingredients that have been studied for a lengthy period of time and have received the go ahead.

paravex male enhancement

Paravex has withstood the test of time and has proven that people can use it to better their ability to perform sexually.


Managing erectile dysfunction

Since other underlying sicknesses are responsible for erectile dysfunction, erectile dysfunction doesn’t simply go away until the other diseases are cured hence the reason why the subtopic is ‘managing erectile dysfunction’ and not ‘curing erectile dysfunction’.


Treating erectile dysfunction

This is guaranteed to draw everyone’s attention since all virile men prefer their “work-tool” to be upstanding during “work”. Erectile dysfunction hinders most couples from enjoying a happier and satisfying sex life.


List of ingredients

Paravex have has only two things contained within it:

  1. Tongkat ali
  2. Honey goat weed

Both of these herbs are used and have been in use for the treatment of sexual dysfunction for a very long time. They were also used as aphrodisiacs. The studies that have been conducted on both these herbs have been beneficial and as these studies continue to be done, the future seems promising.

  • Tongkat ali:

    Research shows that this ingredient in paravex causes the levels of serum testosterone in both men and women to go up.
  • Honey Goat weed:

    This ingredient contains icariin which is an active ingredient. It has a fairly good effect on the Nitric Oxide levels. It is the preferred alternative to Viagra.



The fact that Paravexonly has only two ingredients somewhat guarantees safety as compared to use of any of the other male enhancement supplements that have too many ingredients that are quite unnecessary.

The two ingredients we are talking about are pure herbs that have undergone tests and have been proven harmless to people. It is safer than other drugs that are used for erectile dysfunction especially for your kidney. Other benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Improved work out performance
  • Improved energy levels
  • Better stamina
  • Confidence
  • Peace of mind for the many sleepless nights that the condition has caused you.



  1. The website that is used to promote information to the clients doesn’t disclose any information on the company that manufactured the paravex.
  2. The website for Paravex normally proves to be a challenge to locate via the Google mail search. The only way to find the website is through the official website where you can sell party resources through the links that are given on the advice about third party sources.
  3. There is inadequacy of information on the company website which causes the trickle of information back to the consumer a little daunting.



It is packaged in small containers made of plastic and is presented as a Capsule which contains the dietary supplement. All the bottles are kept in safe parts of the office and each has around 60 tablets. The issue that may arise is the determination of the exact price; the cost of each product in a month.


Side effects

Everything that is introduced into the body has an effect on it. Whether positive or negative, effects are a must.Paravexshould not have any side effects since it is an all round and natural supplement.

In case you observe or experience any itching or any other common form of side effects, call and ask your doctor what he thinks the problem might be and what you should do about it. Those who are on other forms of medication should also have a chat with their physician before they go ahead and start taking paravex.


Recommended Dosage

It is recommended that the right number of pills that is to be taken in a day is just a single pill. Follow the pill with water.


Where to Buy Paravex Pills?

If you search this male pill on Amazon, Walmart or other online retailers, you won’t find it! The only way to buy it is through the risk-free trial from the manufacturer’s website! How does it cost? What is the price? 4.95 for the trial and 93 USD for continuing receiving the product!


Recommendation – Final Reviews:

Is this male enhancement supplement a scam? While using this product, to achieve prompt and optimum results, it is advisable to do lots of exercises so that the toxins are flushed out. Eating healthy in most cases is up there with exercising on the list.Paravexis only recommended for use alongside healthy lifestyle habits.

On its own, it cannot stop and assure your dad, brother or friend of the results they want to achieve. However, since there is hope for a better future, futuristic ideas on how Paravex can be modified further for better results are always welcome.

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