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Cogniflex Brain Supplement Reviews: Does it Really Boost Memory?




CogniFlex is made by a company named Sure Science. It is manufactured in the United States. This product is a drug used to enhance memory or other cognitive functions. It is a brain boosting supplement.


What is CogniFlex?

Cogniflex is a supplement designed to help those who have difficulties to learn, to remember things, or constantly forgetting concepts, names, addresses, tasks etc…

cogniflex reviews and ingredients

What is a Nootropic?

A nootropic is a drug or a supplement, which is used to boost cognitive function.  Cogniflex is considered a nootropic supplement, made to help users unlock their brain’s potential. This supplement is formulated to clear up their brain fog and sharpen their thoughts, improving their focus and their memory. Cogniflex helps you to make the most of your cognitive abilities.


What are the ingredients in CogniFlex Pill?

These ingredients listed below are 100% natural, safe and healthy.


A non-essential amino acid helps create neurotransmitters that promotes mental clarity. L-Tyrosine helps in alertness especially in highly stressful conditions.  It also enhances many other cognitive functions.


This ingredient is derived from tea leaves. It has an ability to inhibit the neurotransmitter and maintain focus. Also, L-Theanine helps to relieve stress by inducing a relaxing effect, without any drowsiness.

Bacopa Monnieri:

This ingredient improves cognitive functions and brain flow. This is a nootropic herb; its main roles are longevity and cognitive enhancement. This herb increase memory and also diminish anxiety!  The common name for this herb is water hyssop.

Rhodiola Rosea:

It is a natural ingredient. This plant helps the proper functioning of neurotransmission. It increases your energy, ameliorates your focus and also increases dopaminergic activity, which is a mood booster as well.


Vinpocetine boosts cellular energy or ATP energy by improving the brain’s overall utilization of glucose.


Acts as stimulant to the control nervous system, restoring alertness eliminating drowsiness.

Vitamin B6:

Support healthy blood flow, oxygenation and energy in the brain.

Huperzine A:

This is a substance that is purified from a plant called Chinese club moss. It inhibits acetylcholinesterase to slow down the breaking of acetylcholine and as a result, increases both short and long-term memory. It is commonly used to help treat Alzheimer’s disease. It has overall memory and learning enhancement qualities.


How does CogniFlex works?

These ingredients listed above are 100% natural, safe and healthy. They increase the blood flow in the brain, stimulate the nervous system, boost the energy, fuel the neurotransmitter production and eliminate drowsiness. The combination of these ingredients act to increase cognitive function, elevate concentration, enhance creativity, boost energy, improve memory, increase productivity at work.


Cogniflex helps maintain you focus:Cogniflex gives you the focus and concentration you need to work smarter, to work longer, and get the job done and quickly. Cogniflex wakes up your brain and gives you a clear vision.

Cogniflex unlocks your potential :The nootropics influence the neuronal and vascular functions, increase cognitive function while providing a natural source of energy to keep alert and motivated.

Cogniflex increases your energy:Cogniflex provides the energy you need when you have to perform at your hardest work through the longest night, or at the most important meeting.


Clinical Studies for Cogniflex?

We didn’t find any clinical studies to corroborate the good effects of Cogniflex. There are no FDA reports available. However, there is some clinical data indicates that Cogniflex is made with ingredients that can provide some level of cognitive enhancement, which is more than we can say about many other nootropic products.


Side Effects?

Cogniflex is made up of natural ingredients that have all been researched and scientifically tested. The results show that the product is safe and that there are no side effects. However, some clients complain of insomnia, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. It is also recommended for those with caffeine sensitives to avoid it; because Cogniflex contains caffeine in it. Also, pregnant and breastfeeding women should inform their health care professional before taking any new supplements.


Recommended dosage

There are 60 capsules in each bottle, it is recommended to take Cogniflex as a dietary supplement. Take two capsules per day or as directed by the physician.



The potential benefits to taking Cogniflex:

  • Wake up feeling energized
  • Reduce stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Better memory recall
  • Better work productivity
  • It might enhance learning ability
  • It might improve critical thinking ability
  • It might improve creativity
  • It might Improve focus and concentration
  • It might enhance overall cognition
  • It may improve cerebral blood flow
  • It could boost energy levels
  • 30-day money back guarantee



  • Only available on their website, not in stores yet
  • The exact amount of each ingredient are not shown.
  • Reviews online are inconsistent, only 30% of buyers left positive reviews in their comments.
  • Data from clinical studies is not provided


Where to buy?

Currently, the main place where you can purchase CogniFlex is from the manufacturer’s official website: cogniflex.com

The product is sold in various packages. There are three packages, all of which come with a 30-day money back guarantee from the date of purchase. Below, see the prices for bundles and packs:

“Test Plan”: 1 bottle / $47.95.00 + $4.95 shipping and handling

“Middle plan”: 3 bottles/ $77.95

“Monster plan”: 5 bottles/ $97.95

You can also find this product on WalMart, EBay, Amazon. It is not available at GNC.


Final Reviews and Real Recommendation: does Cogniflex Ultra work right away?

Everyone dreams of having a mental health on top and being above normal in terms of memory, intelligence, or being among the genies, those who know how to solve riddles. Learning, remembering, solving problems were not always our second nature. They were getting really hard

In fact, It is not given to everyone to be supernaturally gifted, to have a photographic memory, to be smart in mental arithmetic or any other science or to be classed among those who are like super smart people to conceive, to create things, exceptional concepts in other words: “genies.

More than ever people of all ages have memory problems. They are unable to disconnect from their work. Students are under immense pressure in their studies. Brains are overloaded with information that must be remembered, a product of quality of memory enhancement must contain clinically proven ingredients that will help improve memory but also concentration, and nighttime concentration.

More importantly, a memory product needs to work smoothly and safely to promote cognitive function.