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We have 2 goals here:

First, we give information about the herbal ingredients used in most of the herbal supplements and let our visitors know about their usage, effects, side effects.

With these kind of information you will be able to use your own judgment and make your own choice, the right one!

Second, we review most herbal products available on the market now. There are so many websites delivering fake and inaccurate reviews on the net, we believe that you need to be informed and make your choice.

What you have here are fair, unbiased and professional reviews, nothing else!

So why should you trust Us? What put above the other review sites?

  • We’ve spent thousands of dollars on a wide variety of supplements just to be able to buy them so that we can study their effects and side effects on people
  • We are not a One Man Show website. Our team include nutritionists, dietitians and even physicians who know the information they will deliver to you!
  • With this first-hand information 1,000’s of people saved hundreds of thousands of dollars on fake and ineffective products and scams
  • Believe it or not there are products that came with dangerous ingredients that can harm people. We warn you about these products. 
  • We test hundreds of nutritional supplements on our team and friends to confirm the effects are real.
  • Natural herbal products do have side effects that can be harmful to your health. You need to know about each and every ingredients in a product before taking it. We help you take these kinds of decisions.
  • When we recommend a product be assured we’ve actually tested, used and confirm that this supplement is safe and works as marketed.
  • We always end our review with a clear and concise recommendation. We don’t let you in the dark guessing if you will use or not the product you have an interest for.
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Our Criteria for Herbal Supplements’ Evaluation include:

  • Our own team results
  • If the ingredients used in the manufacturing of the product is effective and also powerful enough regarding the goal for which they are used.
  • Are the ingredients used safe?
  • How much (Quantity) used of each ingredient is in the formula
  • What are the side effects linked to each ingredient?
  • Users’ reviews and ratings
  • Manufacturers Reputation
  • Reports from third parties

Every herbal pill is examined under these criteria before getting our recommendation. We have 2 independent teams who make the examination for each supplement. And after we compare the results.

If the results match, we publish the conclusion on our website. Otherwise there is a third team that goes again into the process to get us the conclusion and recommendation.

As you can see it’s a rigorous and exhaustive process. The truth is nothing is too much work when health is on the line.

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